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My Top Five Cleansers

If you read my last post on Why double cleanse? (Click here) you will know that using a oil or milk cleanser is the next step in taking your makeup off at the end of the day. Personally when I double cleanse I like to think of it like this. My balm cleanser needs to […] View more

Why Should You Double Cleanse? Balm Cleansers Try and Tested

Balm Cleansers – I introduced this step into my night time routine about 3 years ago. I cannot stress enough how my skin has benefited from using a Balm cleanser, and that if you wear makeup day to day then doing a double cleanse at night is a MUST. Why use Balm Cleansers? If you […] View more

In Need Of A Makeup Refresh?

I want to tell you about a fantastic service that we provide here at Richard Hall Styling. It’s our Makeup Consultation Service, but with a twist. We have all been in the situation where we get bored of our makeup. Maybe we have done the same look for the past 20 years and just do […] View more

March New Makeup Favourites

I literally have not been this excited about a product in I dont know how long!. To say this product has changed my skin, is a under statement!. What am I talking about?. None other than the It Cosmetics CC cream. I did have reservations when witnessing all the hype last year over this product, […] View more