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My Top Five Cleansers

If you read my last post on Why double cleanse? (Click here) you will know that using a oil or milk cleanser is the next step in taking your makeup off at the end of the day. Personally when I double cleanse I like to think of it like this. My balm cleanser needs to […] View more

Why Should You Double Cleanse? Balm Cleansers Try and Tested

Balm Cleansers – I introduced this step into my night time routine about 3 years ago. I cannot stress enough how my skin has benefited from using a Balm cleanser, and that if you wear makeup day to day then doing a double cleanse at night is a MUST. Why use Balm Cleansers? If you […] View more

Why You Should Be Using SPF For Your Hair This Summer

SPF for your hair? Why? Its a good question. I think is is safe to say we are all on board for using SPF on our skin. The countless horror pictures we see of people faces under UV lightening and all the sun damage that has been caused over the years. What about your hair […] View more