My January Sales Picks

Fur Gilet and Black Leather Rucksack
My January Sales Picks Fur Gilet, Navy Polar neck, Blue Fedora and Rucksack

January Sales Picks

I have finally got round to writing about My January Sales Picks. If you play your cards right and do your homework before you go shopping in the sales, you are guaranteed to get in and get out in one piece! I have been formulating a capsule wardrobe for a while, so I have a list of items of clothes that I would like to add and these two were way up the top of my list.

Fur gilet And Black Leather Rucksack
Fur Gilet and Black Leather Rucksack

Faux Fur

My first January Sales Picks is this gorgeous Faux Fur Gilet from George @ Asda (similar). It was in the sale and when I tried it on it felt RIGHT. I was looking for a Gilet to wear for those occasions when a big old thick coat would just hinder you. For example clothes shopping, I don’t know whether it is an unspoken rule that retailers have (it certainly wasn’t back in my day ) to have the changing rooms at a tropical mid 90deg! I regularly get hot and irritable when this happens and I think it just ruins the experience, especially if it’s valuable baby free time.  So the Gilet is perfect for this as you can pop it on and still have the warmth but it’s light enough, and with it being sleeveless they act like air vents allowing air to flow freely.  Great little piece that will take you through to Spring.

Fur gilet and Black Leather Rucksack
Fur Gilet and Black Leather Rucksack

The Rucksack

I teamed this outfit with a Navy Fedora from H&M (similar) , black skinny jeans from Primark,  Bardot Boots from Topshop and a navy polar neck from Zara. Oh yeah and The Rucksack. This is my second January Sale Pick. This is such a different direction for me but it makes you feel alive if you try something that scares you each day. O.k maybe that saying wasn’t applying to bags, but to get the idea. This bag made me feel like I was a teenager again. When I bought the ‘baby home’ my husband and I had a full blown discussion on how we would have  held the bag back in the day. One strap over one shoulder, holding by the top handle and my favourite towards the end of my time at High School, both straps on both shoulders! This bag made so much sense to me now as I had been using a more constructed bag of late, but couldn’t fit hardly anything in it.  I have also got rid of the baby’s bag a few months ago and replaced it with a Peppa Pig, which the bubs loves, but I am not down with carrying a dressed pig about!. So I thought a Rucksack would give me enough space to fit my stuff and his juice cup nappy and wipes. This Rucksack is from Marks and Spencer their Autograph range which comes out with a few simple, well made staple pieces, and this is one of them. Real leather and has gold hardware, simple but effective. Sadly they have sold out but I have put a similar one here.

Marl Joggers and Black Leather Rucksack
Marl Joggers, Black Top, Pointed Court Shoes, Leather Jacket and Black Leather Rucksack

The Fleck Marl Joggers

My final January Sales Picks is these ‘smart’ Joggers. I have been looking for these for about 9 months now, when I found this pair which took me by surprise where I found them. They are from Marks and Spencer Lounge wear! Yes they are Pyjamas!!  They are a Fleck Grey Marl with a black waist band and black ankle cuffs. They are so comfy, obviously! but throw a pair of heels and a suit jacket and you are good for work. Put them with hi tops and a leather jacket as (seen above) or even a pair of shoe boots would work well too. I love these because they are so versatile. These are also out of stock but I found a great alternative here.

Fleck Marl Joggers and Black Leather Rucksack
Fleck Marl Joggers, Black Top,Leather Jacket, Pointed Court Shoes and Black Rucksack

These were my January sales picks. What did you pick up in the sales? Any great bargains? I would love to hear from you. Please leave your comment below and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

Love Nay x

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