New In Bumble and bumble Curl Masque and Luminous Oil Spray


Bumble and bumble New Curl Products

As Bumble and bumble keep leading in the for front of producing products that help tame difficult hair, this New Curl product is no exception. Bb have released two New products for their curl range – Bb Curl Masque and Bb Curl luminous Oil Spray. Admittedly I do not have naturally curly hair so Richard and I have had to wait and use some of our willing customers as guinea pigs.[/vc_column_text][vc_video link=”” align=”center”][vc_column_text]

Bb Curl Masque

The first product is Bb Curl Masque, this has been a nice alternative to offer to our customers with curly hair, who are in need of MORE moisture. If you do not use a masque on your hair…..where have you been?? Using a masque regularly is a great step in having phenomenal hair.

  • What it is?  This creamy moisturizing masque brings bouncy new life to languid curls – leaving hair springy, soft, and shiny.
  • Why?  Oil infused, replenish, soften, detangle.
  • How?  Our Hydra sculpt Blend™ and an exotic blend of oils work together to help deeply moisturize thirsty curls.
  • Whos it for?  All Curly hair types.
  • How To Use?  After using Bb.Curl Shampoo and Custom Conditioner, apply to damp hair, leave on for 3-5 minutes, and rinse thoroughly. For dryer, fragile curls in need of deeper moisture, apply to dry hair before shampooing.


Bb Curl luminous Oil Spray

Richard and I were curious when we received Curl Luminous Oil Spray, to what it really was going to do differently than what we already had on the shelf. It really surprised us, in that it is great for a few reasons, 1. It is deliriously hydrating, curls dont look wet, but healthy and shiny. 2. Its great for protecting the hair from the sun. I can imagine clients on holiday spraying this product through their hair and let it dry, while out in the evening having drinks – result beautiful, separated frizz free curls. I am defo going to use this product this summer to let it air dry in my hair.

  • What it is?  This weightless, silicone-free moisture spray enhances curl integrity, fights frizz, and adds shine. Plus, it protects against heat tools – and contains UV filters to help protect hair against the drying effects of the sun.
  • Why?  Oil infused, defrizz, UV, Hydrate.
  • How it works? An exotic blend of oils helps moisturise and hydrate thirsty curls.

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Bb Gel Humidity

This product has been re-packaged, I think it looks more sleeker and will travel better. 

  • What is it? This frizz-fighting gelee combines the hold of a gel with the hydration of an oil – for glossy, elongated curls with movement.
  • Why? Oil Infused, defrizz, hold and shine
  • How it works? This gel-oil hybrid has an exotic blend of Brazilian oils to help add moisture and shine.

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