Bb Sumoclay



  • What: A workable clay for texture, definition, and matte finish
  • WHY:  Sumoclay leaves hair slightly sandy, with a roughed-up texture and a matte, gritty finish. The perfect balance of grunge and style.
  • WHO: For men and women looking for bulked-up styles with dry texture, definition/structure, and a matte finish.
  • WHEN:     Sumoclay works best on dry hair. It’s perfect for rugged texture on men, and tousled short waves on women.
  • HOW:  Start with ten pence-sized amount  and build as needed.   Spread between fingers and rake throughout dry hair.
    This workable texturizer  is great for long and short hair on both men and women.
    It builds roughed-up, bulked-up styles with tons of matte definition.
    This easy-to-distribute product has a moldable hold, so you can reshape and revive your style throughout the day.


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