Review of Morphe Brushes

Morphe brushes
Morphe brushes

As a savvy lady I am always on the prowl for the latest products on the market that do a great job for what I need it for. So when that product also has a great price point I am there hook, line and sinker! I am talking about the Morphe Brushes. I have seen fellow bloggers gush and oh, aww over them and I am always a little sceptical as nothing can be that good. can it? Not one to not admit when I’m wrong, but these brushes are super duper!!. These are the ones I picked up and have been using religiously ever since.

Morphe M439 Deluxe Buffer

This brush has a perfect dome shape to the head and I have been using this to buff my foundation onto my skin. Its beautifully soft to the touch and gives a nice even finish. It passed the wash test and sprung back into shape. I am totally smitten with this brush and can find no fault in it. This is my favourite.

Morphe M438 Pointed Contour

This brush is pointed at the tip so is perfect for spot applying highlighting. I also use this for setting the under eye makeup as the point gets right into the corner. I don’t use it for contouring at all, but when I tried it originally it worked well for that too. Its a good brush that I would definitely purchase again.

Morphe M501 Pro Pointed Contour

This is a long fluffy pointed  brush which can be used for highlighting and blush but once again I dont use for contouring either!. I’m not that thrilled with this brush as when I washed it and dried it it did not keep its original shape so now its just a fluffy mess now. Not one I will be purchasing again.

Morphe M441 Pro Firming Blending Crease

This brush is a fave. its a little scratchy a first but after a wash a condition the brush came up nice a soft. I use this brush in the crease to add depth to a eye look on just to lay down a transitional colour. A winner in my eyes.

Morphe M433 Pro Firm Blending Fluff

This is a dupe for the MAC 217. It is the closes brush I have found to be nearly the same. If you have heard of the MAC 217 then you really need to grab this one.

Morphe M432 Flat Liner Definer

This is a good liner brush for going under the lashline to give colour and dimension to the eye. It very similar to the Crown Flat Liner Definer. Its thicker than the MAC Definer brush so you dont get the same precision as the MAC but its still a good contender.

Morphe E18 Round Crease

Once again I dont use this brush what it is intended for! I use it to buff out my under eye liner to give that beautiful blown effect. Its very soft and blend beautifully.

Morphe E36 Detail Crease

I use this brush to add highlight in the inner corner of my eyes and to buff my lip liner out to give a soft look to the lips. Nice brush and gives you a great finish.

There is my round up of some of the Morphe Brushes. All in all they are great brushes but if you live in the UK you will be stung with a nasty shipping and taxes,which does bumped up the price, but nowhere near as much if you were going to purchase more expensive brushes.

Have you tried any of the Morphe Brushes? Have I missed any that you think I will need, let me know in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Review of Morphe Brushes

  1. Great review. They sound good but like you say expensive if you have to import them. Have a great evening. Gemma x

    1. Thanks for watching Gemma, Im glad you enjoyed it. It is costly getting them over but thats the price you pay getting stuff from America.xx

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