Review on Motives Cosmetics Complexion Perfection Face Primer

Motives Face Perfecting Primer
Motives Face Perfecting Primer

The Skinny on Motives Cosmetics

In my profession the quest for a great Primer is always there. When I received this one in the post from Motives Cosmetics to say I was keen to crack it open was an under statement.  Never heard of Motives Cosmetics?  Let me fill you in.  Loren Ridinger founded Motives Cosmetics back in 2008, her aim was to provide women with the highest quality cosmetics at affordable prices. With this great formula it is no wonder that Motives Cosmetics has become an award-winning, social media favourite and must-have brand. With these kind of credentials, I was very excited in trying any of their make up to see what the hype was about.

Motives Face Perfecting Primer

The Perfecting Face Primer is a clear formula which leaves a satin finish to the skin. The formula is brilliant if you are a oily girl as one of the ingredients it contains is Silica, which helps to absorb oil. This is perfect to control the oil slick as it absorbs excess oils and minimises the appearance of pores. It also fills and softens any fine lines and slight imperfections you may have to give that soft focus kind of look to the skin. It does the usual things like preventing your make up from fading, and I felt I needed less foundation, as it helps to spread the foundation more evenly.

Now this is where most primers finish, but not this one. In the formula it contains Sodium Hyaluronate, the result of this ingredient is that it leads to a slight swelling of the skin that reduces the appearance of wrinkles.  The intense moisturisation does allow for the skin to operate at higher capacity to provide a better defence against environmental assaults and other ageing effects. I thought I would insert some selfies of me wearing the primer under my foundation to show how smooth and flawless it makes the skin.

    • wearing Motives Primer
      Wearing Motives cosmetics Primer
      Motives Cosmetics Primer
      Motives Cosmetics Primer
      A selfie of me wearing Motives Primer
      A selfie of me wearing Motives Primer

      In the time it has taken for me to trial this product and then give a full review, Motives Cosmetics got in contact to say that they were repackaging the Primer and changing the name but not the formula. At this point I had been trialling the product for over four weeks, so it shows that I like to take my time over a product before I give my opinion on it. When you click on the link it will show a beautiful royal blue packaging and the name will read Complexion Perfection Face Primer, with all the same wonderfulness in it.

      So, if you are in the market for a new primer then give this a go. It is priced at the middle of the market at £18, but for the quality and the quantity you receive I think it is worth the money. Why not take a look at their website Motives Cosmetics UK for more great products.

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