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How To Make Large Pores Disappear Makeup Tips and Tricks Series

Hi Everyone Thanks for watching! Today’s video is the start of a NEW Makeup Series to give you quick tips and tricks on applying your make up better. In this video I am showing how to achieve a smooth and flawless skin when you have large pores. I hope you enjoy the video, and thanks […]

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Drugstore Micellar Waters Garnier, Nivea, and Simple

The Best Drugstore Micellar Cleansing Water

Review of Drugstore Micellar Cleansing Water I think every man and his dog has one of these in their make up arsenal, what am I talking about, Yes Micellar Cleansing water. Back in the day it was something that only make-up artists would use the pricey Micellar Cleansing Water– Bioderma. Then the drugstore brought it to […]

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