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Motives Cosmetics Primer

Review on Motives Cosmetics Complexion Perfection Face Primer

The Skinny on Motives Cosmetics In my profession the quest for a great Primer is always there. When I received this one in the post from Motives Cosmetics to say I was keen to crack it open was an under statement.  Never heard of Motives Cosmetics?  Let me fill you in.  Loren Ridinger founded Motives […]

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Revlon Mascaras

Revlon Mascara review

My Thoughts On The New Revlon Mascaras Revlon as a beauty brand has in recent years not been my first port of call when it came to buying new make up. It is a well establish brand but for me it was really for the middle aged woman. It recently came to my attention while filling […]

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My Beauty 2015 Picks

My Beauty Staples for 2015

Hello and welcome back to my blog. I am pumped after having some well needed time off!  That’s what I should be saying but I didn’t as we were frantically  decorating and re-modernizing our New Hair Salon! It’s been an exciting couple of weeks but exhausting, I am now looking forward to getting back to […]

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