Tried and Tested New Bumble and bumble Color Gloss

When Bumble and bumble bring out a new product I know that it will probably save me time in the mornings, make my hair look amazing and most of all save me money in the long run. I can say this for the New Bumble and bumble Color Gloss range that is now in our salon. Let me give you the skinny on it. This product you would use if you were looking to give your colour a boost say it was a little lack luster or you wanted to stretch your colour appointment out abit longer (devastating to us hair salons!.) It revives your highlights and lowlights and lasts up to 3 washes. There are five colours in the range, Clear, Universal Red, Brunette,Warm Blonde and White blonde, so something for everyone.

I personally have been using the Clear Color Gloss, as I don’t have coloured hair. I have found that it just revives and refreshes the hair. My hair feels incredibly soft and looks really shiny and healthy. I use this product now twice a month to give my hair that much needed  zhuzh!!. If you want to see the amazing Bumble and bumble Color Gloss in action, why not have a look my demo below with my sister Joanne. I use the Cool Blonde Color Gloss on her hair and see the Dramatic transformation!!.

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